Wall-to-wall Coverage Of 394’s Gate Malfunctions

Traffic is important to Twin Citizens, and the gate malfunctions on 394 have drivers begging for answers. Tim Harlow at the Star Tribune started digging:

On two con­sec­u­tive morn­ing rush hours and again on Friday, the gate arms on the east­bound side of I-394 where driv­ers en­ter the spe­cial lane (also known as MnPass) at Hwy. 100 were stuck in the down po­si­tion. MnDOT could not raise them, and that forced com­mut­ers into the gen­er­al traf­fic lanes for the rest of their trip to down­town Minneapolis. The west­bound lanes were un­af­fec­ted and the lane re­served for carpools or paying drivers was open as usu­al.

First came an e­lec­tri­cal prob­lem on Jan. 3 when an underground cable froze. MnDOT hooked up a spare cable that had been pre-wired into the system to fix that problem. Then the hydraulic sys­tem went hay­wire last Mon­day. On Friday, as temperatures warmed and “things underground moved around,” the spare cable went bad and the gates were stuck again. MnDOT installed a temporary above-ground cable and got the gates open. A “more permanent” fix will be made in the spring, said Brian Kary, a MnDOT free­way en­gi­neer.

Governor Dayton has continued to stay silent on this inportant issure. Up and At ’Em will continue to follow this story wherever it leads.