Ornstein’s repeal obsession disturbing

Norm Ornstein’s obsessive disgust with people who want to repeal Obamacare borders on lunacy. Here’s the link to Ornstein’s latest anti-Republican diatribe. This delusional rant says everything Republicans need to know how deranged progressives are:

Despite yeoman efforts to make the bill bipartisan—months and months of negotiation by Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus with Chuck Grassley and other Senate Republicans, starting from a framework devised and endorsed by Grassley—it got not a single GOP vote. But after passage, it has received nothing but yeoman efforts to sabotage it, including from a slew of Republican governors denying insurance to the most needy of their constituents simply to stymie the law’s implementation. And whenever a Republican talks about how to make the law work better, instead of blowing it up (Jack Kingston of Georgia comes to mind), he or she is vilified by partisans and their media acolytes.

Ornstein seriously thinks that Democrats made “yeoman efforts” to make the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, a bipartisan bill? Serioiusly? What’s the color of the sun in Ornstein’s solar system? That’s downright frightening.

The more accurate way to put it is to say that Democrats tried to entice Susan Collins, Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe into voting for the Democrats my-way-or-the-highway bill. Harry Reid’s negotiations with Republicans had as much to do with good faith negotiations as white gas has to do with putting out fires.

Further, Ornstein’s villification of Republicans for wanting to demolish terrible legislation that doesn’t have a chance of working is frightening. Here’s what we know thus far about the ACA:

  • Insurance premiums have risen sharply.
  • Taxes on companies and the middle class have risen sharply.Deductibles for new ACA-approved policies have skyrocketed.
  • People who had policies that paid out millions of dollars and that have saved people’s lives were mischaracterized by President Obama, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and Rep. Frank Pallone, (D-NJ), as being “substandard policies.”

What part of that does Mr. Ornstein think is an improvement over the old system? Apparently, he thinks this is much ado about nothing:

What I do know is that there are going to be a whole lot of winners under the Affordable Care Act, and a smaller number, but still a significant one, of losers or those caught up in the inevitable upheaval to the health care system.

It isn’t that Mr. Ornstein knows this. It’s that he believes, despite the evidence presented thus far, that the ACA will suddenly transform itself from being an ugly duckling into being a beautiful swan.

Here’s my advice for Mr. Ornstein: Putting lipstick on the Obamacare pig won’t turn Obamacare into a thing of beauty. Despite all of the lipstick Mr. Ornstein puts on the beast, it’s still an ugly pig.