Obamacare winners and losers

The White House Twitter feed features anecdotes of citizens benefited by Obamacare. Take Marcelas Owens, for example. Obama claims that he “signed the ACA for kids like Marcelas Owens. He lost his mom bc she couldn’t afford coverage.”

Does this really cut it? Are people really this stupid? Team Obama’s operative principle is that they are, and you have to concede it has taken them far.

Obamacare is unlike other entitlement programs with which we are all familiar, however, in which the costs are widely dispersed and the benefits narrowly targeted. There are millions who are paying the price of Obamacare. They know it, and their number is bound to grow.

According to the foundational lies of Obamacare, there was no downside to the law. That was the point of the lies. Again, are people really this stupid?

Along with featured Obamacare winners, 2013 delivered millions of Obamacare losers, and the toll of losers will mount this year. In a useful column for Investors Business Daily, Betsy McCaughey seeks to introduce the cost side of the cost-benefit equation in “Affordable Care Act hurts twice as many as it helps.”