Rolling Stone embraces socialism

Back in the day, Rolling Stone was a fun magazine to read. With the march of time, though, it’s turned itself into a leftist propaganda rag. Check out the goals that it embraces in an op-ed:

Guaranteed Work for Everybody
Social Security for All
Take Back The Land
Make Everything Owned by Everybody
A Public Bank in Every State

Here’s one of the silly things this Occupy Wall Street activist said:

Put another way: A universal basic income, combined with a job guarantee and other social programs, could make participation in the labor force truly voluntary, thereby enabling people to get a life.

That’s what a total unicornist sounds like. This is another thing that the unicornist/socialist said in the article:

Imagine a world where people could contribute the skills that inspire them, teaching, tutoring, urban farming, cleaning up the environment, painting murals, rather than telemarketing or whatever other stupid tasks bosses need done to supplement their millions.

Let’s eliminate the euphemisms from the paragraph. Here’s what it would say:

Imagine a world where people could do the things they want rather than doing things that add value to society and the economy. Imagine if I didn’t have to care what was important to productive people who’ve made money by creating products that people actually wanted. Imagine getting paid to do whatever I want and to not do anything I don’t want to do.

Megyn Kelly and Ben Shapiro took the time to ridicule this clown:

One thing, though, shouldn’t be ignored:

If that idea, or any of the others described in this piece, sounds good to you, there’s a bitter political struggle to be waged. Let’s get to work.

Yes, this guy is a crackpot. Yes, his ideas would fail if implemented. Yes, he has the intellectual heft of hand lotion. All that aside, the part to take seriously is that this is just an extremist’s rant on the emerging Democratic campaign theme. NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio talked about addressing the non-issue of income inequality at his inauguration. Sen. Chuck Schumer, (D-NY), told George Stephanopoulos that Democrats would run on the issue of income inequality. (That’s because they’re running away from Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act the rest of this year.) President Obama said that addressing income inequality will be featured in his State of the Union Address.

When Democrats talk about income inequality, they’ll be thinking of activists like this unicornist as being the foot soldiers for the cause. That’s a pretty frightening thought.