Call It What It Is

Thank goodness those global warming activists and self-styled “researchers” have been rescued from the Antarctic sea ice, the disappearance of which they were supposedly investigating.  You would think their theory would have been disproved by the last 2 weeks they spent trapped in ice which they believed did not exist, but you would be wrong.  You see, their ship was freed when some of this ice melted in the Antarctic late summer, just as it has every summer for thousands of years.  So… More proof of global warming!   But since we’re told that our record cold weather “doesn’t say anything about climate,” neither should a couple days of fortuitous weather of the Antarctic summer say anything about “climate change.”

The big problem here is how we have allowed the Climate Alarmists to set their own definitions.  In particular, substituting the phrase “climate change” for “global warming” has allowed them to make the  ludicrous claims that our recent record-setting cold snap was caused by climate change, when the ENTIRE theory is predicated on the assumption that increased greenhouse gasses cause global WARMING.  At some point these folks should lose all credibility for saying that a theory that predicts the earth will get warmer is somehow proven when the earth gets colder!  And at some point, say after 16 years of day-to-day weather, weather DOES become “climate.”  When 23 of the 25 computer models have already fallen well outside the observed reality, it’s time to stop listening to these folks.  Maybe we should send more of them to the Antarctic for the summer.