True North welcomes a new Sponsor: The Taxpayers League of Minnesota

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota and True North are now partners in each other’s success.  The League will be taking on some posting and managing duties on True North and adding its financial support for hosting the site.  

True North continues to promote the work of an impressive group of conservative activists and policy experts, all based here in Minnesota.  Many of these writers contribute to the running and upkeep of the blog as well.

The League has always supported True North as a medium through which the best commentary on the right and center right can be brought to a wider audience.  Posts on True North do not necessarily reflect positions neither of the League nor of other contributors of True North.

A few updates but no major changes are planned for True North.  It will continue to be a place where policy issues are discussed openly and transparently among the right and center-right.  The True North “Manifesto” remains the best statement of what True North is about.  True North content is also available on Facebook by liking True North’s Facebook page and on Tumblr.

In recent days, a podcast RSS page has been added, showcasing the growing medium of independent audio content as well as traditional media’s shift in emphasis to on-demand content.

The Taxpayers League was founded in 1997 as a statewide, grassroots organization giving a voice to Minnesota’s taxpayers at the capitol and in the media.  True North blog was founded by a group of Conservative Minnesota bloggers in 2007. They wanted to create a place on the web that would aggregate the best posts on the right side of the Minnesota blogosphere, which had grown to encompass a staggering number of blogs. It promotes a (usually) twice a year gathering of Minnesota bloggers past and present in the Twin Cities.