The FALSE Anti-Bullying Bill – HF 826 – New Hope

If you have not yet heard of the dangerous MN House File 826, the falsely named “Anti Bullying Bill” – please pay attention. This bill is another horrific overreach by our DFL controlled house/legislature to “protect” a “special” class of students, supposedly from bullying.

Now, who would be against bullying? EVERYONE but this bill is not the way to do it. This bill is:

UNFAIR – b/c it tramples on free speech rights of students; accused students never face their accuser (so, is this bill really fair???); bullying does not need to be proven, only “alleged” – does this remind those of you who know about the Soviet Union’s practice of secret reports to police in the 1950’s and 1960s? Finally, the school controls your child, not you, the parent.


UNFUNDED: Schools are on the hook financially to implement the directives in the bill even if the school has a police that works.

UNSAFE: This bill violates children’s right to be children. How? PreK-12th grade use curriculum that is pornographic and morally offensive. AND, MN statutes exempt teachers and schools from obscenity laws. Cute, huh? Children may be subjected to psychological counseling WITHOUT parental consent.

What can you do? This law is unnecessary – MN already has effective bills to address bulling. 

IF you are in New Hope, attend the panel discussion on Thursday, January 16, 7-9 PM at New Hope Church (4225 Gettysburg Ave., New Hope, MN). Key speakers are Katherine Kersten of the Mpls Star Tribune and Michele Lentz, from MN Child Protection League.

This bill MUST be stopped. Go here to understand better the sick plans for control of our kids and how you can help. Thank you!