Can’t Make Up This Stuff – US, again, to the Rescue

Many have been following th saga of the global warming “experts” who headed to Antarctica this past December to measure the “shrinkage” of ice in Antarctica (thus global warming is real). They got trapped. An Australian ice breaker tried to reach them to no avail. Next, a Chinese ice breaker tried to reach the “experts” – failed. The Chinese then sent a helicopter to free them – half failure. They “experts” are on the Chinese ship but it’s trapped in the ice, along with a Russian ice breaker.

Guess who gets called to save the day? The US Coast Guard (U.S.C.G.).


The ice breaker stationed in Sydney, Austrailia, has left to try to break through 10′ thick of ice to the trapped Chinese and Russian ships. In the meantime, the ice is growing around the two, already trapped ships.

I just hope our USCG ship frees them – but, will we hear of the rescue? I doubt it – Comic irony: will these global warming experts – watching ice literally grow around them – admit that their belief in global warming is false? Facts mean little to these religious fanatics. MSM backs this lunacy.

Final point, it’s summer in Antarctica!

Source: CFACT