Fundraising stupidity

Tuesday morning, I got this fundraising appeal from TakeAction Minnesota:

Dear Gary,

Around this time last year, we were emailing you a lot about moving from voting no on two terrible amendments, to saying yes to a state where all Minnesotans could thrive. We all had hopes and dreams of big changes that we could bring to the state. But I don’t know if any of us could imagine just how big the year would be.

A step towards closing the racial-jobs-gap that begins tomorrow when employers are banned from asking about criminal histories on applications. The freedom to marry. Better health care for thousands of Minnesotans. The right to form a union. Housing justice. And on and on.

Pause for a moment to let that all sink in. The lives of our friends, our families, our neighbors, and our own lives are better because of the change people like you fought for and won this year.

Take a look at this video celebrating all that people-power made possible in 2013. Then share it with your friends. Give someone you know who made these victories possible a high five. And most of all, start dreaming big about what big change you can make possible in 2014 and beyond.

If there’s one thing I learned this year, it’s that when we stand together, we are truly unstoppable.

Happy New Year,

Dan and the whole TakeAction Minnesota team

P.S. No seriously, you want to watch this video. I got goosebumps and teared up when I first saw it.



If the TakeAction MN Dan McGrath is serious that he “teared up” when he first saw this video, then he needs psychiatric counselling:

Saying that progressives had opened a chapter on yes to forcing a unionization vote on in-home child care providers, aka small business owners, isn’t something to rejoice. It’s a sad moment when motivated, ill-informed people decided they had the authority to tell private sector employers that they were actually public sector employees.

One banner in the video said “Homes for all.” That’s something that sounds nice but it isn’t attainable. It’s impossible, in fact. The truth is that “homes for all” is a) nothing but a great campaign theme for poverty industry activists and b) a justification for another bureaucracy that we don’t need.

I wouldn’t brag about the “environmental victories” progressives won, either. Those ‘victories’ hurt the Iron Range’s blue collar workers by preventing the creation of high-paying mining jobs. Bragging about preventing blue collar Iron Range workers from getting hired to work the mines is politically foolish. If members of the local United Mine Workers union find out that their DFL so-called allies find out that the Metrocrat elitists threw them under the economic bus, then bragged about it as an accomplishment, it isn’t likely that they’d take that news well.

Likewise, saying that the DFL legislature wrote a bill that created MNsure and created a stronger “people’s exchange” isn’t something to brag about. I wrote here that the MNsure/Malmlov meltdown was Minnesota’s top story for 2013. Saying that MNsure was an accomplishment isn’t too bright from a marketing standpoint. As more people find out what a disaster the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is, the more they’ll turn against the people who supported Obamacare, aka the ACA.

This fundraising appeal isn’t aimed at the public-at-large. It’s aimed at the activists. Still, the video is the video. Once it’s released, it’s fair game for conservative activists to use TakeAction’s words against themselves. That’s what this post is about. If TakeAction wants to put this type of video together, I’ll do everything possible in letting everyone know what they stand for.