Death Panels Are Working

The Death Panels started working today.  Oh, not in the sense of the mental image that Sarah Palin created when she coined the term, of some beady-eyed bureaucrats in subterranean secrecy deciding who lives and who dies (perhaps based on the same criteria as the IRS uses to decide which organizations get  501 status).   But the outcome is the same.  Remember how many times we were told that “people are dying from lack of health insurance”?    If we assume that is true, then millions of people will be dying this year BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE.  

To obtain insurance starting today, people had to sign up by December 13/20/24/26 (Obama keeps moving the date) and even by their own numbers only 2 million people have Obamacare coverage.  But at least half of those didn’t sign up for Obamacare, but for Medicaid, so they don’t “count.”  And at least 10% (probably higher) of the rest weren’t properly processed through to the insurance companies, and will get a nasty surprise when they go after a prescription or to see a doctor.   Some of those will drop out because of the costs, too, because prices ARE [much] higher and there is no mechanism yet for paying the subsidies.  Being generous, then, compare that 500,000-900,000 people newly insured with the 5 MILLION that have LOST insurance because of Obamacare, or the 7 million who were supposed to be Obamacare-insured by now, or the 45 million uninsured who were supposed to be covered by Obamacare when it passed the Congress, and lastly, with the 90 million that Obama KNEW, in 2010, would lose coverage when the employer mandate kicks in this year.  The number of lives Obamacare has made “safe” will be less than 1/1000 of those who will “die for lack of health insurance”!    That’s not only a death panel; it’s a “man-caused disaster.”   Should we tolerate millions “killed” by government stupidity?