ABM isn’t tethered to the truth

Saying that the Alliance for a Better Minnesota isn’t tethered to the truth is understatement. Thursday, I received this fundraising appeal from ABM:


I know we’ve asked a lot from you this year. Sign a petition. Share an email. Join us on Facebook. But I have one more critical ask.

Thousands of progressives across Minnesota have donated to A Better Minnesota this year ($10 has been a common contribution), but we are just short of our goal for 2013. We need your help to push us across the finish line!

Will you join your fellow progressives and donate $5, $10, or $25 right now?

Whether it’s holding politicians’ feet to the fire or advocating for a positive, progressive vision for our state, there is no turning back on the work we’ve already begun. You are a part of our mission to fight for a better Minnesota.

I sincerely hope that you’ve been impressed with what we’ve done so far. The truth is that we’ve done it all with your support. We don’t depend on others to fight for our progressive values. We depend on you.

Please donate $5, $10, $25, or whatever amount you can today!


The Better Minnesota Team

First, I’m skeptical that there’s such a thing as a “positive, progressive vision” for Minnesota or any other state. The progressive agenda isn’t positive. It’s true that there’s a bunch of things that progressives want to do but that doesn’t justify characterizing that agenda as positive.

For example, part of the DFL’s “positive progressive agenda” includes giving the Met Council more authority to control people’s lives:

Transit-oriented development (TOD) provides the opportunity to enhance the transit investment by shaping regional development around transit. The working definition of TOD, as defined by the Metropolitan Council and partners at regional think tanks in September 2012 and February 2013, is: A moderate to higher density district/corridor located within easy walking distance of a major transit stop that typically contains a mix of uses such as housing, jobs, restaurants, shops, services and entertainment. These districts/corridors enable people of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes abundant transportation choices and the opportunity to live convenient, affordable and active lives.

This is another example of a “positive progressive agenda.” Just like the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, isn’t about improving health care or extending health insurance to people who were uninsured, TOD is about controlling people’s lives.

Simply put, so-called positive progressive politics is about controlling people’s lives by using government force to tell people what they have to do. While I recognize the fact that a progressive reading this will accuse me of writing an anti-government rant because conservatives hate government, that isn’t what this is at all.

What I’m saying is that I want government to do what it’s supposed to do. Things like public safety and setting tax and regulatory policy isn’t done by the private sector. Put differently, I want government limited and useful but I want the private sector and individuals to make most of the important decisions for their families or their company.

Like I said earlier, the progressives’ agenda is about controlling people’s lives. That’s why ABM’s ‘positive’ progressive agenda is destined for failure. ABM’s way is the controlling, deceitful way. It isn’t about giving people liberty or meaningful choices.

At its finest, the GOP agenda is about letting families decide what’s best for them. ABM’s agenda is best described as convincing families it’s more important to do what’s right for the collective than for their families.