Republican Liberty Caucus Announces Straw Poll Picks in Governor and Senate Races

Jeff Johnson and Julianne Ortman won the Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota’s first annual Christmas Straw poll, a non-binding survey of the RLCMN membership to gauge interest the 2014 races for governor and U.S. senate.

Jeff Johnson won the governor’s poll with 50% of the votes, and Dave Thompson came in second with 31%. Marty Seifert, who entered the race after receiving 18% as a write-in candidate in the Minnesota Republican Party State Central Committee straw poll, was a distant third with  8%.

“Jeff Johnson’s win in our straw poll continues to demonstrate his broad appeal among Republican and conservative activists, including members of our caucus” said Neil Lynch, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota. “Mr. Johnson continues to gain momentum, but Dave Thompson is close behind, and a lot can happen between now and the endorsement.”

For the U.S. Senate poll, Julianne Ortman won with 28% of the votes, barely beating out “None of the Above/Other” at 27%. Of the declared candidates, Mike McFadden came in second with 22%.

“I believe our members are concerned about the ability of the current crop of candidates to defeat Democrat Al Franken in the U.S. Senate race,” said Mr. Lynch. “While Ms. Ortmann won the poll, the caucus is still waiting for one of the candidates to truly distinguish themselves from the pack on issues of interest to our members.”


Governor Results:

Jeff Johnson: 50%

Dave Thompson: 31%

Marty Seifert: 8%

Scott Honour: 6%

Kurt Zellers: 3%

Other/Abstain: 3%

Rob Farnsworth: 0%


U.S. Senate Results:

Julianne Ortman: 28%

Other/Abstain: 27%

Mike McFadden: 22%

Harold Shudlick: 14%

Monti Moreno: 6%

Chris Dahlberg: 3%

Jim Abeler: 0%

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