The Many Lies Of “Protect” MN, Part XXIII: “Nobody’s Coming For Your Guns!”

Remember last year, when Representatives Michael Paymar, Heather Martens and Alice “the Phantom” Hausman copied and pasted gun-grab laws from New York, Colorado and California and tried to jam them down in the Legislature?

The orcs insisted “Nobody’s coming to take the guns of the law-abiding!”

We Real Americans knew better.  We always do.

And in New York, it’s happening even as we speak:

Of course, not one incident of “violence” will be prevented.  The criminals won’t be turning anything in.

But you – provided you’re a Real American – know that.  The orcs?  Heather Martens, Jane Kay, Michael Paymar?

Their ends justify their means.

And had Minnesota’s Real Americans not staged a cataclysmic turnout last spring, we could have had virtually the same law.

And if we take our eye off the ball in the coming session, we still could.