Union Recruiting at Walmart with Keith Ellison – Update: It’s Nationwide

Keith Ellison never misses a chance to recruit for unions. Earlier this fall, it was outside the Minnesota federal courthouse during the government shutdown. Today, it was outside a Walmart in Brooklyn Center, under the guise of protesting low wages. Via WCCO:

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota, joined the protest.

“This is a national problem of low wages. You guys being brave and courageous will help us get that change,” Ellison.

I don’t think many Minnesotans are buying what they’re crying. Best comments on WCCO’s site:

>> Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota, joined the protest.
Really? Walmart must have really low standards for hiring.

What makes everyone so sure they are Walmart workers and not people from SEIU or the former ACORN?

Let’s ‘fire’ the guy the the blue jacket.

Unions must be desperate for members. I’m curious also if any protesters were paid by unions to be there today. And to Representative Ellison (who represents me in the 5th District): did you mention how much you get paid to these workers? Be brave and courageous!

Find out more about “Our Walmart” and UFCW’s attempts to unionize workers here. And remember workers: if you choose to unionize, your pay may go up a little – but you’ll see less on your paycheck because of union dues. Somebody has to pay for those fancy t-shirts and signs. Just sayin’.

UPDATE: Big Government reports that the Walmart protests are a nationwide effort. Here’s a peek into their plans, and how they’re raising money:

Sasson’s group’s New York City-area Walmart event is part of a nationally organized day of action from the institutional left against nation’s biggest employer. Sasson told planners, according to the audio recording obtained by Breitbart News, that left-wing organizations plan to target 2,000 Walmart locations nationwide across America on Black Friday. That is an increase from what she said were 1,200 stores that took heat from progressives on Black Friday last year.

MacKenzie Baris, a northeastern U.S. field organizer for another left-wing group, Jobs with Justice, noted that the left has raised funds off of these protests that total just under $200,000. “Online donations to support striking workers being off the job totaled $193,000,” Baris said later in the recording of last year’s fundraising numbers. “That’s individuals giving money online to support the strikers.”

(Hat tip – Sue Jeffers. Cross-posted at FreedomDogs)