Spectator in his own life

Personally, I don’t care that much that Gov. Mark Dayton only gave $1,000 to charity in the past year. How he describes it is far more disturbing:

“I pride myself on my charitable giving and I’m disappointed in myself,” Dayton said at the end of a briefing with reporters on another issue. “I totaled it up and noticed I had fallen off, so I will remedy that.”

Translation: I really need to keep better tabs on myself. Riddle me this — are you unaware of your own personal charitable giving? If you were to ask the average person on the street, they’d be able to give you at least a ballpark estimate of what they give and the beneficiaries. Mrs. D and I have been writing checks to many of the same charities for years. Some years we’re able to give more, some years maybe less, but we know what we’ve given and why. A governor who doesn’t govern his own life is a little problematic, no?

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