The Power of “UN”

Too often we conservatives watch the left/Dems/DFL control the semantics on so many issues. Well, I think we now have a way to combat this one-sided vocabulary environment. But before I explain how to handle words, let me suggest how NOT to handle words. 

 As we know, words matter. We often respond to a false accusation as being “not true.” Something is “not fair.” Someone is “not nice.” While these statements are accurate, they will not work. Why? For some reason, the human brain drops the word “not” in descriptions. The statement that something is “not true” gets stored in the brain as “true;” “not fair” gets stored as “fair.” etc. 

Therefore, if something is “not true” use the word “false.” For “not nice” use “mean.” If something is “not fair” use the word “unfair.”  This last one leads me to a few key phrases:

Heritage Foundation (Members News, Fall 2013) has done a survey of what Americans really think about obamacare. First, the term “obamacare” is viewed more negatively than “ACA.” Second, only 50% of 18-34 year olds like O’care – there’s room to shift them. Using Obamamcare phrases, “grows the size of government” and “harms jobs” fail to resonate w/ lefties, moderates and liberals.

What terms to use: Obamacare is UNfair, UNaffordable and UNworkable. 

Related to this use of UN, are the words the MN Child Protection League is using in their battle against the totally absurd anti-bullying bill. That bill is UNfair, UNfunded and UNsafe. Go here to learn a lot more.

The power of UN is far greater than any other way we can counter the false messages of the left. Un, Un, Un…..