“Fix” Obamacare? I don’t think so.

Mantra: DEMOCRATS OWN OBAMACARE! Dems own this fiasco.

I was stunned when Mr. Zeints stated, “We are confident that by the end of the month of November, Healthcare.gov will operate smoothly.” Really? An application written by, what 47 companies, with no apparent over sight, no benchmarks, etc. for 320,000,000 people, 100s of insurance companies, 1000s of hospitals, clinics – it doesn’t work and he says six weeks?

Excuse me – but what were you thinking?


Anyone who knows anything about programming knows this: you have a problem, you “fix” that problem but code that is fed by that former problem code now needs to be fixed – it’s the domino theory. Coding is binary – it works, doesn’t work. And to think someone was foolish enough to make a statement like this. Dumb de dumb dumb.

BTW, Sebelius failed miserably in her attempts to “manage” large IT projects when she was governor of Kansas.