Stupid or Lying?

Moms Want Action is, apparently, a national thing. Who knew?

Anyway – “Think” Progress, the national left borg site, claimed to be onto something; a photo of gunnies intimidating a Moms Want Action meeting in Texas.

Now, what have we told you before?  Whenever the left says anything about guns (and, pretty much, everything else)?

Distrust, then verify.

Then, almost without fail, distrust some more.

Because what the group looked like depended on the angle; what from one angle could be teased into looking like a group aggressively intimidating was, from the actual intended angle, a group portrait:

That sums it up well.

Any anti-gun-rights voices, whether activists, media (ptr) or punditry, will be presumed either liars or misinformed until proven otherwise.

And they are almost never proven otherwise.

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