Customer service, government edition

This weekend, I wrote this post about an email I received from a faithful reader of LFR. Here’s the key part of the email:

Seriously? I just tried to login to the site to view and apply for plans at 10:33 pm on Saturday, Nov 9, 2013 and I got this message:


the system is available monday through saturday, 6 am to 10 pm

please visit us during those hours to apply and enroll

Thank you for your interest in MNsure

As a result of that post, somebody left this comment:

I’m getting same message at 11am Monday morning!!!!

Last night, I visited MnSure for the first time. This is one of the rotating messages on MnSure’s homepage:

Service Notice

The Contact Center is closed today, Veterans Day. In addition, federal account and application services are undergoing maintenance and are unavailable, 8 pm Saturday – 6:30 am Tuesday. You can still view plans.

It’s definitely understatement to say that MnSure doesn’t provide great customer service. What’s worse is that the claim that you “can still view plans” isn’t the truth. Here’s the greeting visitors get when clicking on that link:

The system is available Monday through Saturday, 6 AM to 10 PM

Please visit us during those hours to apply and enroll

Thank you for your interest in MNsure

That definitely looks familiar, doesn’t it? More important is the fact that over 140,000 Minnesotans have received cancellation notices from insurance companies:

MJC Research Briefing: Obamacare’s Rocky Start in Minnesota by mnjobscoalition



Despite the urgency of the situation, Minnesotans are getting treated to lackluster customer service. (Lackluster is being polite.) Considering Minnesotans’ needs, Minnesota’s website should be running 24/7. Instead, Minnesotans are getting customer service that even government bureaucrats should be ashamed of.

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