The Policy That Dare Not Say Its Name

I’ll urge you to read this letter to the editor from last Wednesday’s Pioneer Press. I’m going to point to an exerpt or two:

Your recent story on St. Paul Public Schools and race (“Facing the race issue,” Oct. 28) failed to mention the elephant in the room. That elephant is that St. Paul Public Schools currently has a black agenda, thanks to the Pacific Educational Group consulting firm.

The agenda is to place blame on white teachers for low test scores and a high suspension rate among black boys. We never want to address parental involvement, lack of fathers in the homes or education not valued (because this is common sense and may actually help students and families that are struggling).

I shouldn’t quote more under the terms of “fair use”.  You need to read the whole thing.

I’ll await the cries of “the writer is no doubt a white bankster from the Wayzata”. 

Go ahead.  Cry.

OK.  The writer, Aaron Benner – is from St. Paul, teaches elementary school in the Saint Paul system, and notes that he is black. 

The SPPS isn’t seeking a solution to the achievement gap.  They are seeking political cover that furthers a political and social agenda.

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