Noble Red Man

So, Governor Dayton leads a protest against the Washington Redskins for their “offensive” team name.  Question:  Who is lily-white Mark Dayton to suddenly be offended by somebody’s long-time team logo?  Granted there were Native Americans at the protest who might legitimately be offended by the term, by itself, but the presence of Dayton, the new Minneapolis mayor and Betty McCollum made this a political event, which it didn’t have to be.  It tells us something about liberals, though, doesn’t it?  They get a bee in their bonnet about something—who decides the “injustice of the week” I don’t know, but it IS coordinated, somehow—and they yammer and mewl about it until something [political] is done to satisfy them. But then, they immediately lose all interest in the subject.  Right or wrong, “something” was done and it’s on to something else.  (Notice that far too much legislation is done that way?)  They can never be happy!   I say we should quit trying.