New Brighton Chooses Wisely

A screen grab from the Secretary of State’s website reveals the good news:


Sensible Government Returns to New Brighton

Mayor Dave Jacobsen wins a clear victory over council member Mary Burg, while Gina Bauman comes in first and is returned to the City Council. Brian Strub, who ran as a protest candidate, is also elected. Incumbent Char Samuelson finishes just out of the running, while DFL bots Mary Kunesh-Podein and Graeme Allen go down to defeat.

What does it all mean? The good news is that Dave Jacobsen and Gina Bauman will continue to provide leadership in municipal government. They hold 2 of the five votes on the city council. Bauman and Strub will now serve four-year terms on the council, while Mayor Jacobsen gets another two years (the mayoral term is only two years). Incumbent council members Paul Jacobsen and Burg, who were not up for re-election in this cycle, remain on the council for two more years.

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