Failing the United States Of America

cartoon one stop by Franko

I’m very concerned about the United States of America; I grew up in a time when Jimmy Carter was president and during that time the peanut farmer engineer, thought he had it formigated by the politics of the day, ordered out.

The country we have is only 200 + years old compared to others. Are we the weakest country? It seems, (our country is failing, we have too much debt our children have no work ethic but is that our concern?) and will we continue? That remains to be seen. One of the things I remember was the gas shortages where my father and I had to wait in line to get gas in our car. The children now are more concerned about their cell phones and what they’re going to get; what will they get without an education and work ethic? Considering the fact that the Chinese, Koreans, Russians, and as much, should I go further? We are living in a place where we are vulnerable. It will be on us.

Minneapolis Conservative Examiner – Republican