Franken’s Denial

Sen. Franken’s grasp of what’s happening with the Affordable Care Act is breathtakingly devoid of reality. This KSTP video shows how much Sen. Franken is in denial:

Scott Theisen’s article for KSTP highlights the fact that Sen. Franken a) doesn’t want to admit that is an unmitigated disaster and b) is in total spin mode:

Speaking to the media after meeting in St. Paul with medical device company officials, the Minnesota Democrat said ongoing technical problems with the federal health insurance website are “inexcusable.” But Franken said he thinks they’re getting better.

That’s total BS. is still sending incorrect personal information to the insurance companies. The website is still a nightmare to navigate. If Sen. Franken thinks that improving minor things on the periphery is proof that things are getting better, he’s setting his sights too low.


Sens. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, David Pryor of Arkansas and Kay Hagan of North Carolina advocated an extension. Like Franken, both Pryor and Hagan are up for re-election next year and are likely to be judged by voters for the success or failure of the law at that point.

Franken wasn’t ready to join their chorus, though he didn’t rule out eventual delay. “We’ll have to see how long this takes to get fixed and how much improved this is,” Franken said. “I’d be open to that if this continues, of course, but my understanding is this is improving every day.”

Sen. Franken shouldn’t be trusted if he’s willing to say that things are “improving every day.” If things are “improving every day,” why did President Obama push Kathleen Sebelius off to the side and put Jeff Zients in charge of getting functioning properly?

This isn’t complicated. Either Sen. Franken thinks that things are improving or he takes note that the woman tasked with putting together for the last 3 years was thrown under President Obama’s bus. He can’t believe both things are proof that things are improving.

On a different but related topic, during the news segment of At Issue With Tom Hauser, Sen. Franken said that he’s still pushing to repeal a tax he voted to create. He’s supporting the repeal of the medical device manufacturing excise tax, saying that the device tax “is chasing companies overseas.”

I don’t doubt that the device tax is chasing companies overseas because I wrote about that phenomenon in this post:


“This bill is a jobs killer,” said Ernie Whiton, chief financial officer of Chelmsford’s Zoll Medical Corp., which employs about 650 people in Massachusetts. Many of those employees work in Zoll’s local manufacturing facility making heart defibrillators. “We could be forced to (move) manufacturing overseas if we can’t pass along these costs to our customers,” said Whiton.

Here’s what we know about Sen. Franken: he thinks is improving and he’s finally figured out that the tax he voted to create drives employers away. Further, we know that Republicans predicted this of the medical device tax from before the tax was created.

Question: Why should Minnesotans vote for the not-too-bright Franken when they can vote for someone who actually knows how to create jobs? That decision is a no-brainer.

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