Creating Two More Americas

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Star Tribune says Keith Ellison (D-Minneapolis) is pushing for an increase in the minimum wage to $9.50.  This is so obviously idiotic I thought it might be the result of a blow to the head during his recent arrest while protesting in favor of illegal aliens.  But no, here’s a Youtube video of him from 2007, beating the same dead horse.


But then I realized he might not be an idiot, he might be a stealth advocate for the Zimbabwe approach to managing the national debt.  We just re-value the dollar and we declare minimum wage is now 30 bucks an hour.  The dollar becomes worth 1/4 what it had been, the debt becomes manageable for another few months since it’s owed in dollars, not real assets, and we can print as many dollars as we want.  Viola, problem solved!  Plus, it has the advantage of having been invented in Zimbabwe by Black people, so nobody can oppose it without being racisssss.

Give the man credit, he might be more clever than he looks.

Of course, the long-term result still will be the squalor and despair that is ordinary life in Zimbabwe for everyone who is not In Charge.  But to the Obama Administration and its minion, Keith Ellison, that might be viewed as a feature, not a bug.

Joe Doakes

Of course it’s a feature.

The DFL has been doing the same thing with Minneapolis and Saint Paul for decades.

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