ZERO Minnesotans enrolled through MNsure after two weeks

As reported yesterday by MPR, MNsure will be “late delivering data” from consumers and small businesses who sign up through Minnesota’s ObamaCare exchange, known as MNsure.

Why is this important? According to MPR:

“That information is critical because someone hasn’t officially enrolled in a plan until the insurance company processes the application. The system should be working at the end of this month.” (emphasis added)

In other words, MNsure has officially enrolled ZERO Minnesotans for health insurance through the first two weeks.

MNsure has misleadingly reported, with the assistance of lazy Twin Cities reporters, that 3,700 people have “enrolled” in MNsure.

In reality, that number simply represents users who have completed the subsidy eligibility process, but have not attempted to purchase a plan.

The real number, as revealed at Wednesday’s board meeting by MNsure Executive Director April Todd-Malmov, is just 406 (see “Qualified Health Plan Payment in Process”) — the number of eligible people who have sent payment information, and completed the process pending approval and processing by the insurance companies themselves. Until the data for those 406 people is delivered to insurance companies, the number of enrollees for MNsure remains at ZERO — a number you’re unlikely to see reported anywhere by Twin Cities media.

While Minnesota Democrats pat themselves on the back for this $150,000,000 boondoggle, the enrollment numbers are dismal, which is par for the course given the slow start we’ve seen in other states.