No easy way to fix it

Al Franken had to establish residence in Minnesota to become Minnesota’s unfunniest former humorist and junior United States Senator, declared the winner of Minnesota’s 2008 Senate election by a margin of 312 votes in at the conclusion of the recount proceedings in mi-2009. His victory played a significant role in the passage of Obamacare without any Republican support as he became the sixtieth Democratic vote in the Senate.

Today Al Franken (or “Al Franken”) sent out an email to our man “Hind” — “Franken” is on a first name basis with “Hind” — under the heading “No easy way to fix it.”


You can say that again: “No easy way to fix it.”

Now you tell us.

Oh, wait. He should have been talking about Obamacare and its portal, but of course he wasn’t. He was talking about “Washington,” where he is just an innocent bystander: “If there were an easy way to fix everything that’s wrong with Washington, I’d be emailing you about that,” he says. “But there’s no easy way. Only a hard way. The hard way involves organizing. It involves patiently building a grassroots coalition capable of taking on powerful special interests. It involves making just a little bit of progress every day until we get the country we want.”

And that’s not all! “[I]t [also] involves fundraising.”

According to Franken, or “Franken,” he has to raise $150,000 this month. And if he’s going to stay on track, he needs to raise the first $15,000 by midnight. He’s asking “Hind” to pony up $5.00 pronto.

Why does “Franken” need to raise $150,000 this month, or the first $15,000 by midnight? If you really need an explanation, you just wouldn’t understand.