Democratic child care providers speak out, Part III

During the debate on the House floor, Democrats accused Republicans of wanting to take a woman’s right to vote away. Jenni Branchaw is an in-home child care provider. Here’s why she’s opposed to the unionization of in-home child care small businesses:

I am normally a DFL voter just in general. I do vary once in a while depending on certain things I feel strongly about. Like I knew Alice Johnson was for the union and she didn’t not understand what this union meant to do and not do.


It is rather shocking how many people voting do not know all the facts. They keep saying everyone needs the vote, well then let everyone have a vote. Alice wouldn’t not listen even before being elected and so I did not vote for her. I voted for Pam Wolf.

I knew Pam was against the child care union and understood why a lot of providers are against it and how it wasn’t set up fairly. But she lost, I thought it was a sign to stick with my party. Boy was I wrong. I did vote (regrettably now) for Dayton. I do not know if I can vote straight party ever again.

This union business has been more than an eye opener for someone that loves to follow elections. I am very much against this forced union for child care providers. I have worked in this field for over 20 years. I quit my center based job 6 years ago and opened up my own preschool under the daycare licensing. I teach 8 amazing students each year.

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