Law of the Land

Ever since the US Supreme Court found Obamacare Constitutional, using the convoluted reasoning that the mandates and penalties constituted a “tax,” Democrats have been screaming that Obamacare is the “law of the land” and must be held forever sacred.  Never mind that Obama and the Democrats absolutely INSISTED that this was NOT a tax while pushing it through Congress and then insisting that it WAS a tax before the Supreme Court.  Never mind that the Obama administration has ignored, delayed, failed at or perverted almost every single provision of the law as Congress passed it.  Never mind that all the promises made for it have been broken or that all the critics have been proven correct to some degree; the Democrats insist that lawmakers in Congress must never, ever alter the “law of the land.”


Now, however, thanks to our own Citizens Council for Health Freedom and others, Obamacare may again be before the Supreme Court.  Because the Court has ruled it a tax, then according to the “origination clause” of the Constitution, the bill must first pass the House of Representatives, while Obamacare, in its entirety, clearly originated in the Senate!  Wouldn’t that be a delicious irony, to have the body which made it the law because of Obama’s tortured argument, then nullify it as a result of that same argument?