Obamacare Will Never Fail

Oh, you foolish Republicans!  You think that once people find out how horrible Obamacare really is, they will demand that it be repealed.  But they will never find out!  Obamacare will be a tremendous success, because Democrats and their co-conspirators in the popular press will not accept any other narrative.  Already, Obamacare has broken every single promise made for it.  Insurance costs have gone up by 30, 50, or even 200%. Millions have lost the insurance they liked– they couldn’t keep it.  Only about 25% of those promised to be insured, if all goes perfectly, will have insurance.  

Small business pools will not be available on time.  Lifetime caps on payouts still remain.  The cornerstone– the exchanges– aren’t ready and many won’t be, for years.  Patient privacy has already been lost.  On top of everything else, millions of people either can’t find jobs, or have had their hours cut, or lost their employer-paid insurance because of Obamacare.  Yet you hear it every day.  “Millions of people now have access to health care.”  “Prices have come down.”   “Insurance companies have been required to blah, blah blah.”  Not a PEEP about the massive failures, except from a few “extremist Republicans.”   Some people, maybe 60% according to polls, may have figured it out already, which is good.  The only question is how long it will take the other 40%, including Democrats in Congress, to figure out what a total disaster it is and act accordingly.  Don’t get your hopes up.