Health insurance exchanges failing already

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, (R-KS), tried signing up for the federal health insurance exchange. Apparently, the software wasn’t up to the task. After attempting to use the federal exchange, Rep. Huelskamp issued this statement:

We have been warned time and time again that ObamaCare is not ready for prime time. Well, it turns out that is right. When I tried to sign up for the exchanges, I was met with error messages, unfinished security forms, and misspelled notices at every click. Seeing how poorly this has been implemented, I am surprised that Harry Reid and Senate Democrats are willing to shut down the government over a law that simply is unworkable, unaffordable, and increasingly unpopular.

Republicans warned that the exchanges weren’t ready. President Obama and the Democrats insisted that they were. Here’s proof that Republicans were right:

This isn’t shocking. It’s what people who’d paid attention expected, especially the problems with data security. This article contains some interesting information:

The Issue Brief provides the cost of something called a “catastrophic plan” available to people under 30 years old. What is a catastrophic plan? It provides all preventive care and three primary care visits with no out of pocket costs. So young people can go see the doctor for diseases such as acne, strep throat, and sexually transmitted disease and not have to worry about paying anything out of pocket. Once they go beyond three visits, nothing is paid for until out of pocket maximums are met. I wish this plan had been offered to everyone, as most people only need to see the doctor infrequently.

The reason I think that’s interesting is because this plan doesn’t qualify as a government-approved health insurance plan. People buying this policy would still be subject to the Affordable Care Act’s fine because it isn’t approved by HHS.

That’s significant because people who do the right thing shouldn’t be punished for doing the right thing. This shouldn’t fit into the glitch category. It’s a better fit for the fatal design flaw category. People who work hard and do the right thing should be praised, not punished. The Obama administration and other Democrats think otherwise.

That isn’t just interesting. That’s illuminating as to the Democrats’ governing philosophy. Apparently, they’re control freaks with what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Once again, Democrats didn’t listen to the American people. Either that or they listened, didn’t like what they heard, then flipped the American people the proverbial bird.

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