Defending the Defund

Hooray!  Republicans in the US House of Representatives have finally found the spines to “do something”  that stands better than a snowball’s chance of slowing the onrushing disaster– the “train wreck”– that is Obamacare.   The real test of those spines, of course, will be how well they stand up to the avalanche of bullying, lying and demagoguery that is the ONLY known function of the Democrat party.   The Democrats, of course, are confident that Republicans will “cave” once again to these scurrilous tactics, and indeed Senate Republicans have already done so. 

The only way Republicans succeed now is if their spines are finally stiff enough (don’t laugh, it could happen) to step forward  4 times a day (or more) and 5 times on  Sunday and call some Democrat an outright liar.  I propose some sound bites like the following:  “Democrat [so-and-so] is lying when he/she says that Republicans want to shut down the government.  House Republicans voted unanimously to keep the government open, and Senate Democrats refused.”  “Democrat [so-and-so] is lying to say that a government shutdown will cause [whatever] to happen.  Republicans in the House voted unanimously to fully fund every federal program.  Social Security checks will go out, the military will get paid, every federal employee will stay on the job at full pay, parks will stay open, Medicare doctors will get paid [and etc.].”  “The only reason Democrats want to  shut down the government is because they want to continue to govern against the will of Americans and impose Obamacare on us all.”    “They know it is a disaster but refuse to do even one small thing to prevent it, and are willing to cause a government shutdown to make this disaster happen.”

Sure, we can argue whether or not this is the battle we want and ought to have, or not, but that is a different subject altogether.  What matters here is that, sometime, Republicans have to learn how to fight and win these battles against an unscrupulous and intractable Democrat party.