A survey worth taking

Conservation Minnesota says their priorities are your priorities. They’ve put this survey together, theoretically to record Minnesotans’ opinions. I highly recommend you do that. Here’s a sampling of their questions:

Protecting lakes and rivers from sulfide mining pollution.
Replacing dirty coal with clean, renewable energy.
Investing in energy saving transit and transportation systems.

I don’t believe that Conservation Minnesota is that interested in hearing from all Minnesotans. Rather, I think they only want to hear from Minnesotans that agree with them.

Conservation Minnesota hasn’t hesitated in lying about the ‘dangers’ of precious metal mining. Here’s one of their lies:

Sulfide mines have a long record of polluting surrounding lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater with mercury, acid mine drainage, and toxic metals. Mines proposed in Minnesota would pose risks to some of our most important water resources like Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters.

That’s BS. Conservation Minnesota knows it’s BS. PolyMet and Twin Metals are south of the continental divide in northern Minnesota. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, aka the BWCAW, is north of the continental divide in northern Minnesota.

Waters on the south side of the continental divide flow south. Waters on the north side flow north. That means it’s imposssible for the water from the PolyMet and Twin Metals mines to ever flow into the BWCAW.

The dirty little secret (actually, it isn’t that secret anymore) is that the DFL can’t survive without organizations like Conservation Minnesota writing lots of checks to their campaigns. Gov. Dayton is, in fact, in a difficult position because he wants to keep the greenies on his side without pissing the miners off too much.

Conservation Minnesota’s impact, along with the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, aka MCEA, and the Minnesota Environmental Partnership, aka the MEP, isn’t just in writing checks. They’re part of the DFL’s GOTV operation during the election and their lobbyists when the legislature is in session. Without their muscle, Gov. Dayton and the DFL would be in a difficult position electorally.

If conservatives don’t take the time to fill out this survey, they’ll be giving the DFL’s special interest allies a huge political advantage. The survey only has 12 questions so it isn’t a major time investment.

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