Presenting KrisAnne Hall, constitutional firebrand

If anyone is interested in learning about the Constitution, the place to start is with KrisAnne Hall. Kris’s take-no-prisoners, no-nonsense approach to the Bill of Rights frightens politicians. This video provides insight into Kris’s thinking:


I thought this part of Kris’s presentation was especially captivating and troubling:

KRISANNE HALL: You need to be able to ask 2 fundamental questions and get the right answers. The first question is this — now, I’m going to let you know I’ve had the privilege of actually asking a gubernatorial candidate these questions in Minnesota. Now it’s gonna be fun because you’re gonna be able to ask these questions, then watch them bob and weave like this candidate did. It’s hilarious.

Question number 1 is this: What does ‘shall not be infringed’ mean? Now some of you are chuckling because you know where I’m going with this. It’s because the problem is, if they answer that question honestly, then there is no such thing as gun legislation.

So I asked this gubernatorial candidate this question ‘What does shall not be infringed’ mean. … He said “Well, this is a meet and greet. I don’t know if we have the time to get into a real legal debate over the meanings of these words.’ I said “Well, I think you misunderstand me, Sir. I don’t care what the Supreme Court says that those words mean. You see, the Supreme Court doesn’t have the authority to tell me what those words mean. I want to know what Webster’s Dictionary says they mean.”

FYI- The Minnesota gubernatorial candidate that bungled the question is Scott Honour. It’s shameful that a GOP gubernatorial candidate couldn’t answer Kris’s simple question. I’d expect that type of meandering, evasive reply from a Democrat who doesn’t want to get pinned down on his/her real beliefs. I’m disappointed, though, that a Republican replied this way.

Constitutional questions aren’t the only criteria to evaluate candidates but it’s definitely important.

Last summer, I met KrisAnne at the RightOnline conference in Las Vegas. It was immediately apparent that her understanding of the genealogy of the Constitution is outstanding. This summer, the Central Minnesota TEA Party invited KrisAnne to St. Cloud to give an abbreviated presentation on the genealogy of the Constitution. She didn’t disappoint.

Throughout her presentation, like she did in this video, Ms. Hall utterly demolished commonly held beliefs about the Constitution with contradictory quotes from the people who actually wrote the Constitution. That’s especially true about the principle of nullification.

The Founding Fathers intended the federal government to be the least consequential of the levels of government. (Those governments closest to the people were intended to be the most consequential.) They also intended for the judicial branch to be the least consequential of each level of government.

If you want to learn about the Constitution, KrisAnne Hall is the person to contact. In fact, if you want students to learn about the Constitution and American history, I can’t think of a better person to recommend than Ms. Hall.

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