Sign On The Red Line

Kudos to the brilliant blogger who suggested a peaceful and positive solution to the Syrian situation; I wish I remembered who it was.  Anyway, the situation—the “problem”—has been defined as the fact that the Syrian government, aka “bad boy” Bashar Assad, has supposedly used chemical weapons against his own people, in contravention of international treaty and civilized behavioral norms.  But Syria is not a signatory to the chemical weapons treaty, and never was!  That doesn’t remove the moral offense, but it makes it, in my humble opinion, IMMORAL for the US to bomb Syria for doing something that it retained the legal right to do. 

Treaties aren’t binding if you don’t sign them, and we shouldn’t be lobbing bombs at people to make them do what is morally right in our opinion.  That really IS forcing your beliefs on others, to which liberals so often object.  [Interesting, isn’t it, that we didn’t hear such warmongering from liberals when Saddam Hussein was gassing whole Kurdish villages?] 

The right solution, according to the brilliant blogger, is simple.  Just tell Assad that, whether he did this or not, he can be vindicated by signing the treaty now, and working to eliminate his chemical weapons over time.   He can sign on that “red line” that Obama now claims he never drew.