The War On Chemistry

U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz told reporters that [coal] can continue to play a key role in powering the nation.  “There is no war on coal. We start by saying we must control CO2 emissions.”

Ah, yes, CO2; that stuff that makes plants grow (and produce oxygen), and that we produce in our lungs at MUCH higher concentrations than exists in the air.  How that becomes a “pollutant” needing control is environmental hysteria and stupidity on steroids, but it gets worse.  To say there is no war on coal is simply to deny the fundamental laws of chemistry.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to burn coal without creating CO2 because the chemical equation for the burning of coal is C (coal) + O2 (Oxygen in the air) = CO2.  That’s pretty basic stuff.  If there is no war on coal, then apparently Obama’s war is with the fundamental laws of the universe—not surprising.  To say that we can burn coal while limiting CO2 is pure hot air.  Why isn’t this clown laughed out of town when he says such stupid stuff?