What Do We Want?

Recent organized protests at the offices of Minnesota’s Republican Congressmen, demanding amnesty for illegal immigrants, remind me of the old campus radical chant, “What do we want?  [Insert demand du jour]!  When do we want it?  Now!!”  If we conservatives engaged in such public displays of vacuity, I would expect our counter-chant would be, “WHY do you want it?”  Such logic is completely absent from these demonstrations of course, but these noisy exhibitions of no inhibitions should not be allowed to drive common sense out of the civil, rational discussion, as they clearly are intended to do.  By the way, whatever happened to writing a letter to your Congressman as a means to influence public policy?

In this case the demonstrators, I am sure, have no answer for the obvious question; they never do.  That’s because there is no rational reason to reward law-breakers, encourage future law-breaking, increase American unemployment and decrease the security of American citizens by failing to control the border— re-cycled promises to the contrary notwithstanding.  Oh, certainly you can make an emotional argument that these are good people, that we should accept anyone who wants to immigrate to do so, and that they should be allowed to vote (Democrat) as long as they are here, but emotion is a TERRIBLE way to create public policy.  It’s also a silly way to try to influence it.  We know what these demonstrators want; they’ve said so loudly and often.  What I want is for them to quiet down, go home and write that sensible letter to their Congressman.  If they can.