The Shining Path

There is a socialist revolutionary group in Peru called the Sintero Luminoso, or Shining Path.  It may be a shadow of the organization that once terrorized Peru at the peak of its power in the 1990s, but their criminal activities—drugs and extortion– have greatly increased in the areas they control.  I’m struck by the comparison to the current immigration battle in Congress.  Here we have a bunch of leftists who want to reward criminal activity—illegal border crossing and associated crimes—by offering a “path to citizenship.”  My question is, if you must do something about the millions of illegals currently living here and believe “you can’t send them all back,” WHY must that something be US citizenship?   There are all kinds of intermediate legal states that do not include full citizenship rights for criminals who haven’t earned them.   And why would the bulk of illegals, currently making money and taking advantage of being here without all of the obligations that citizenship imposes, even WANT citizenship?  Certainly the amnesty-without-border-security of 25 years past did not entice anywhere near the whole of the (much smaller) illegal population.   Why should it be any different now?

Seems to me like “mandatory amnesty” should be vastly preferable to all concerned, except for the Democrats who want the divisive, emotional and political issue.  Imagine how easy immigration reform would be if the Left would just give up their ideological attachment to the Shining Path.