Minnesota Majority Still in Business

Reports by the radical left of Minnesota Majority’s demise were premature.

Last week, we were forced to transmit an emergency fundraising email to our tens of thousands of statewide subscribers, advising that Minnesota Majority was critically low on funds to a point we were facing a shutdown decision. The left-wing blogosphere was visibly salivating at the prospect.

We’re not sorry to disappoint them.


Minnesota Majority is primarily a grassroots organization, with tens of thousands of activists, supporters and subscribers across the state of Minnesota. There isn’t a House District, city or county that we don’t have members in. It’s no secret that our organization has received significant funding from “big money” donors over the years, so that we can ask for a bit of activists’ time in lieu of cash contributions.

Sometimes, ordinary people are called upon to do extraordinary things, and oftentimes, when they are, they defy conventional wisdom and rise to the occasion, which is what happened last week when hundreds of supporters rallied to Minnesota Majority with mostly $5 to $25 contributions that totaled over $20,000 in a matter of days.

2013 has been an especially trying time for non-profit organizations in Minnesota. The 2012 election results which ushered in an unprecedented regime of total leftist control of every branch of state government seemed insurmountable to many donors and activists, but despite that, Minnesota Majority has pressed on and made headway in the issues we’re championing. While the “big money” has been somewhat reticent of late, the grassroots are beginning to break their malaise and rally back to the causes of liberty and justice, as proven by the outpouring of support for our citizen-based organization.

It’s been little-reported, but on the elections front, we’ve made significant progress. The curious process of one voter “vouching” for up to 15 other unidentified voters for the purpose of election day registration was cut in half, thanks to bipartisan negotiations and lobbying spearheaded by Minnesota Majority (big thanks to representatives Tim Sanders, Andrea Kieffer and Steve Simon for the good communication and compromises to bring that about). In addition, a “21st Century Voter ID” concept advanced by Minnesota Majority and former secretary of state, former state representative and current senator, Mary Kiffmeyer, known by wonks as “electronic pollbooks” made a giant leap forward this year with a pilot project and task force being established to implement electronic voter rosters that have the potential to positively identify voters, instantly determine eligibility and help detect and prevent voter fraud and data entry errors.

Since 2010, Minnesota Majority has come to the aid of independent childcare providers who run daycare businesses out of their homes. The government employee unions have been trying to forcibly unionize them in order to gain a cut of a state fund established to help low-income families pay for childcare. We funded a lawsuit that successfully overturned the governor’s executive order to unionize these independent small business owners.

We organized our grassroots activists in a powerful citizen-based lobbying effort to defeat a new legislative push to unionize the childcare providers. Even though Democrat leadership made the unionization of home-based childcare providers their absolute top priority this legislative session, the strong opposition we organized resulted in bipartisan opposition to the unionization bill. It passed by a margin of just one vote in each Democrat-controlled chamber. Despite that expected defeat, we’ve made those who voted yes pay in political capital and we fight on – assisting with a new lawsuit to overturn the law based on federal labor law. The initial suit has been put on hold by a judge’s determination that the case is not yet “ripe,” but we will continue to pursue that legal remedy while at the same time we pursue an aggressive education campaign to defeat the unwanted unionization push in their own gerry-mandered election. We’re also launching a campaign to repeal the law and hold those legislators who voted for this gross injustice to account.

Where some might throw up their hands at the first defeat, Minnesota Majority knows that to effect change means being in it for the long haul. In politics, there is no true defeat until surrender. The left knows this and never quits. Likewise, we don’t quit. As Fredrick Douglass and many of his contemporaries advised, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

Our fundraising challenges are in no way behind us, but we’ve proven that we can forge ahead with broad support from a wide-spread and diverse community of common-sense Minnesotans.

In the coming weeks, Minnesota Majority is preparing to unveil a new and improved advocacy system, we’re releasing an updated Minnesota Pocket Constitution, we’re engaging in education and outreach at county fairs and for the first time, we’ll have a booth at the State Fair. We’re educating Minnesotans on their legislators’ voting records by distributing thousands of our annual scorecards and telling people how much their share of Governor Dayton’s “tax the rich” policies will be. We’re also continuing to research and expose voter fraud in Minnesota. Earlier this year, we had to fight to gain access to public election records. We won. What we’ve already found in some precincts is pretty interesting and will be revealed soon. Our prior work on exposing voter fraud has been groundbreaking and became a national model. Our election fraud research methods and results have been featured in documentaries, national news programs, local TV news and nationally published books.

We’re building coalitions and hopefully, we’re building renewed vigor among the majority of Minnesotans who still value the principles of life, liberty, happiness and unalienable rights.

As explained, fundraising challenges are still before us and there’s much work to do. If you contributed to help get Minnesota Majority over the immediate hurdle, Thank you! If you haven’t contributed, please do so now to help ensure that we keep fighting for you over the long haul.

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