Real Governments of Genius

Mark Dayton demonstrates yet again why he’s such a perfect governor for our times:

Gov. Mark Dayton said he supports repealing a new farm equipment tax during a brief special session next month that he previously insisted would be limited to storm relief.

“It was a very bad mistake,” the DFL governor said during a visit to Farmfest. The sales tax would cost the state’s farmers a projected $14 million a year.


Dayton said the tax was slipped into the massive tax bill at the end of the legislative session with little notice. “No one wants to take responsibility for it,” said Dayton, who agreed to the tax as part of a much larger tax bill. “I was not aware of it, my staff was not aware of it until the next morning when the tax bill was already buttoned up.”

Two very quick observations:

  • Due diligence is apparently for other people
  • Have you ever noticed that no one ever slips a tax cut into one of these “massive tax bills?” Odd, isn’t it?

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