Daudt, Hann pledge bipartisan support

Thursday, Speaker Thissen and Sen. Bakk sent a letter to Rep. Daudt and Sen. Hann asking for bipartisan support during the upcoming special session. Thursday afternoon, Rep. Daudt and Sen. Hann pledged their support in a hand-delivered letter:

We received your letter regarding a proposed Special Session. Our top priority is to provide disaster relief to the eighteen counties included in the disaster relief declaration signed by President Obama. We have a rich tradition of supporting Minnesota counties and nothing should stand in the way of Minnesotans receiving the support they need.


Republicans will support the disaster relief proposal. That said, they didn’t stop with just their support:

Furthermore, in an effort to help hardworking farmers and all Minnesotans, it is critical that we repeal your equipment repair tax and your warehousing tax. Governor Dayton has publicly stated that he supports repealing both of his new taxes.

Rep. Daudt and Sen. Hann didn’t stop with that, instead choosing to remind people what the Democratic legislature did this past session:

Republicans are ready to fix the mistakes Democrats made in the last session and provide the needed disaster relief funds.

Clearly, Republicans will use the counterproductive Dayton/Bakk/Thissen tax hikes as a weapon in next year’s campaign. Republicans must have proof that this issue is hurting Democrats, especially in swing districts. I suspect it’s hurting Gov. Dayton, too, partially because he’s trying to change history, partially because he’s dramatically changed his tune.

This special session will be all about disaster relief. Part of it will focus on providing federal disaster relief funds. Part of it will focus on repealing part of the Democrats’ disastrous tax increases.

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