Obama, Dayton chase outdated society

Thanks to Katherine Kersten’s great article, we now have the details of how President Obama and Gov. Dayton are chasing outdated models of society:

In coming months, the council will release a draft of “Thrive MSP 2040”, its comprehensive plan to shape development in the seven-county region over the next 30 years. Powerful forces are coalescing to use the document as a tool for social planners to use to design their vision of the perfect society, and to impose it on the rest of us.


A huge, unchecked power grab is about to take place beneath our noses. But mayors and city councils will find it hard to push back. That’s because the Met Council will increasingly wield the power to decide which municipalities thrive and which decline. It will both write the rules for development and hold the purse strings.

I don’t doubt that President Obama and Gov. Dayton have plans for building this society of the past. As certain as I am of that, I’m certain that they’ll fail. Big cities are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Big metropolises were created when we transitioned from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy. Industry found it advantageous to have large numbers of potential employees within a short distance of their factories. That model is disappearing because we’re transitioning from an industrial economy to an information-based economy. There just isn’t a need for the city-based infrastructure that this plan envisions.

In the coming information-based economy, the infrastructure that’ll most likely be needed is high speed internet and extensive satellite networks. People will be able to do business from pretty much anywhere. The Met Council might control the purse strings on an outdated system but that doesn’t mean they’ll have an effective method of controlling people’s lives.

People might choose to pay higher taxes in order to escape the urban jungle. They’re already voting with their mortgages to escape lousy schools, crime-riddled neighborhoods, spendaholic liberal politicians and panels like the Met Council. There’s no reason to think “Thrive MSP 2040″ won’t accelerate that flight.

When the 2010 Census results were issued, it was clear people left the Twin Cities. MN-6 was the congressional district that needed the biggest changes, with CD-2 right behind. That will continue as long as lefties like Keith Ellison, R.T. Rybak and John Marty continue to represent the people.

If President Obama and Gov. Dayton continue pursuing Thrive MSP 2040, they’ll alienate people while motivating voters to push back against their plans.

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