Franken, PPACA Frighten Job Creators

This weekend, I got this fundraising e-letter update from Sen. Franken:

Dear Gary,

Good news came in the mail for a lot of Americans recently.


Over the last couple of weeks, insurance companies mailed out more than $500 million in rebate checks to families and businesses all around the country.

Why? Because of a provision I wrote into Obamacare that requires insurers to spend a certain percentage of your premium dollars on actual health care. Not marketing, not CEO salaries, not profit — actual health care. And if they fall short? They have to rebate back the difference.

You might have gotten a check yourself. Or, if you get your insurance through your job, you might have seen the savings through your employer. Either way, I’d like to hear from you.

Did you get a check this summer? Are your premiums going down? Let me know by clicking here — I need your story!

Even if you didn’t get a check, you’re benefitting from this new rule (it’s usually referred to as “medical loss ratio” or the “80/20 rule”), because it’s forcing insurance companies to be more efficient and spend your money more carefully — which, in turn, will keep health care costs in check.

This provision — based on an idea that came from Minnesota — didn’t get a lot of headlines during the health care debate. But it’s working — and the proof is in the mailboxes of families and businesses all over the country.

It’s important that we make sure people know that this provision is making a difference. So if it’s made a difference for you, I need your story.

Click here to tell me your story.

There’s a lot of talk about Obamacare these days — about the people it’s already helping and also about the work we need to do to improve the law and our health care system.

But there’s also a lot of nonsense out there. And if we’re going to keep making progress, we have to hear from people who know first-hand that this provision we fought for is making a difference.

If you got a rebate check this summer, click here to share your story!

Thanks for all you do,


P.S.: I’m really proud of the medical loss ratio provision in Obamacare, and really proud that it’s already making a difference. But I didn’t do this alone, not by a long shot — and I’m going to need more help from folks like you to keep making progress. So if you have a story about how this provision has helped you, please click here and share it with me.

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Sen. Franken’s spin notwithstanding, the reality is that the PPACA is hurting families, mostly with lackluster job creation reports. If Sen. Franken wants credit for the rebate checks, we should criticize him for the lackluster job creation reports that are creating hundreds of thousands of part-time jobs but few full-time jobs.

There’s a new class of small businesses thanks to the PPACA. They’re called 49ers, as in keeping employee counts under 50. They’re doing this to avoid dealing with the PPACA’s regulations.

Sen. Franken robotically talks about growing the economy “from the middle class out.” It’s a fine-sounding soundbit but it doesn’t have anything to do with reality. It’s impossible to grow the middle class when 77% of the jobs being created are part-time jobs. It’s impossible to grow the middle class when wages are stagnating. It’s impossible to grow the middle class when job creation figures are this paltry.

Sen. Franken has cheerfully voted for most of President Obama’s failed economic policies. America’s anemic economic growth can be blamed, at least partially, on Sen. Franken’s rubberstamping President Obama’s policies.

Sen. Franken doesn’t deserve another term in office for his votes. He deserves a pink slip for what he’s done to hurt the U.S. economy.

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