Almanac Roundtable Fatigue Factor

Friday night’s Almanac Roundtable was noteworthy for what wasn’t discussed. Dan Hofrenning, Kathryn Pearson and David Schultz delivered their usual uninformative amount of drivel. Cathy Wurzer and Eric Eskola asked the usual bland questions. Profound statements were nowhere to be found.

That isn’t exactly noteworthy or surprising.

What’s noteworthy, though not surprising, is the fact that the panel didn’t talk about Friday morning’s lackluster jobs report. Friday morning’s jobs report, along with al-Qa’ida’s startling resurrection and the IRS scandal widening, was the week’s biggest news. Despite those important stories, the focus of last night’s discussion centered on the GOP’s civil war.


Watching liberals discuss conservatism is as informative as listening to 8-graders discuss Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

There’s no question that Republicans are disorganized right now. The TEA Party, however, is anything but disorganized. The TEA Party, despite Charlie Rangel’s racist accusations, is getting fired up.

But I digress.

It’s interesting that this panel of liberals didn’t find it noteworthy to highlight another lackluster jobs report. Had they taken the time to dig into yesterday’s jobs report, they’d see President Obama’s policies aren’t working. In fact, they’re predictably failing.

In my post yesterday, I cited ZeroHedge’s findings. In their post, they cite the fact that 953,000 jobs have been created this year and that 731,000 of those jobs created are part-time jobs. That 77% of the jobs created this year are part-time jobs is frightening. That’s unprecedented in American history.

President Obama says he wants to grow the economy “from the middle class out.” Ditto with Gov. Dayton and Democrats in the Minnesota legislature. It’s impossible to grow the middle class when 77% of the jobs getting created are part-time jobs.

Despite these disturbing economic statistics, Wurzer and Eskola decided that political squabbles inside the minority party in Minnesota was the most important subject to discuss. While that’s amusing, the economy is frightening. That shouldn’t have been a difficult decision.

Wurzer and Eskola should’ve highlighted the dismal economy.

That didn’t have a prayer of happening, though, because they’re loyal Democrats who won’t talk about anything that makes President Obama look bad.

I prevent a letdown by keeping my expectations low for Almanac. They rarely disappoint.

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