When will the wheels come off?

When Democrats pushed through the PPACA, they relied heavily on unions and government employees to provide the propaganda. Now that it’s supposedly on the verge of getting implemented, many of those allies are turning on the administration. In fact, they’re doing what private employers have started doing. They’re limiting their employees’ hours:

School districts in states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Utah, Nebraska, and Indiana are dropping to part-time status school workers such as teacher aides, administrators, secretaries, bus drivers, gym teachers, coaches and cafeteria workers. Cities or counties in states like California, Indiana, Kansas, Texas, Michigan and Iowa are dropping to part-time status government workers such as librarians, secretaries, administrators, parks and recreation officials and public works officials.

This is the predictable outcome of the PPACA. Insurance costs are exploding, causing employers to cut costs by cutting employees’ hours to reduce their penalties and obligations.

Nearly three-quarters of government employers provide generous benefits to workers, funded by taxpayers, higher than any other industry, says the Kaiser Family Foundation.

But the quarter that do not are making rapid changes to the work week. To stop the wheels from coming off the school bus, school districts are doing the math, and are figuring out that cutting worker hours down to part-time status, or paying the mandate tax, or dropping part-time coverage is less expensive than offering health insurance benefits. “School districts across the U.S. are grappling to determine how they will respond to the requirement,” says National Insurance Services, a specialist in public sector employee benefits since 1969.

The PPACA doesn’t reduce costs. It increases costs. Young people especially get screwed. That’s why they’re electing to pay the fine rather than buying insurance. The PPACA falls apart financially without young, healthy people buying insurance. That’s the only way to offset the high cost of insuring people with pre-existing conditions.

Schools throughout Indiana are cutting back the hours of teacher assistants, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and coaches to avoid having to offer them health insurance under the new federal employer mandate.

“We cannot go out and raise the price of our product to assist us covering this. We would have to go to the taxpayers and ask for some type of increase, and I just don’t see that happening,” said Les Huddle, superintendent of the Lafayette School Corp. This school district has cut the hours for about 600 full-time, non-certified employees in more than 150 schools to part-time status.

School districts are getting hit with higher insurance premiums. That gives them 2 options: either ask for a tax increase or cut employees’ benefits. Apparently, they’re choosing the latter.

Rather than admitting that the PPACA is a huge mistake, Democrats that voted for the bill that’s creating tons of part-time jobs is accusing the GOP of waging war on poor people:

As we approach the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” Republicans are holding a hearing Wednesday in the House Budget Committee for a “progress report.”

Democrats believe that the War on Poverty is a war worth fighting, and a war we can win. In 1964, Johnson proposed a set of policies that were a continuation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s the New Deal. Americans decided as a nation that children should not go hungry, that seniors shouldn’t retire in squalor, and that job training empowered people better than any other avenue.

Apparently, Democrats believe in creating poverty. They’re the people who voted for the PPACA. That’s why employers are cutting employees’ hours. That’s why those employees are applying for food stamps and other government assistance. It’s impossible to argue that the PPACA isn’t leading to higher poverty rates.

In 2014, voters will have the opportunity to punish Democrats for creating this terrible economy. They’ll be able to punish Democrats for stagnant wages while big corporations’ profits increase. (Thank the Federal Reserve, not Obama, for Wall Street’s boom.) The only people prospering, other than those on Wall Street, are federal employees in DC’s suburbs.

It’s time to punish Democrats for raising insurance premiums, cutting personal benefits, employees’ hours and shrinking employees’ wages.

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