Bad Money After Bad

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Minnesota Department of Education is pulling ads because a DJ made jokes about schools (actually, pretty good jokes).

Worse, these are Public Service Announcements, which run for free. The station is giving away free air time, and the dept is pulling those spots. Did the station management see this coming and set it up to be able to sell that time to a paying account?


And seriously, does anybody believe running a radio ad saying “read more books” will do anything to overcome the centuries-old legacy of slavery, poverty, despair, neglect, crime and Liberalism that is the root cause of illiteracy and ignorance in Minnesota?

This dust-up is proof positive the Department of Education has too little to do and too much money to do it with. Abolish it.

Joe Doakes

More proof they have too much money? Spending literacy money at a top-40 station like KDWB, a station devoted to making people dumber.

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