On The Verge of Energy Independence

Last year, Americans spent nearly $434 billion on foreign oil. Think about the enormous boost that extra $434 billion would have on our economy.  How many American jobs would be created as a result? America is projected to overtake Saudi Arabia by 2017 as the number one oil-producing country. Right now America is on the cusp of energy independence – why do some in Washington support increasing taxes and promoting greater regulation on domestic energy producers?

I’m ecstatic that we can finally break our bonds to these foreign energy sources – most of which we know do not have America’s best interest in mind. Reliance on unstable parts of the world for essential energy is not smart policy at all. We are making great progress toward breaking these bonds, but President Obama and some members of Congress including Senators Franken and Klobuchar, are stopping this progress. These regressive polices promoted by progressive politicians must be stopped.

Submitted by Kelly Fenton, Deputy Chair, Republican Party of Minnesota