GOP Contenders for the 6th Congressional District

thumnailcd6This map (click on thumbnail to display webmap) shows the areas that each of the GOP contenders in the race for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District represented or are currently representing. Since some of their areas changed due to redistricting I have also included areas under previous boundaries. In the case County Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah, I have shaded all of Anoka County since she presently chairs the County Commission but the darker area is her district, where presumably she is better known.


You can turn the layers on and off and zoom into various areas to see where the lines are in order to understand the demographic aspects of the district, I included a Census tract data layer on population density (orange) in order to show where the people are but left it “off” to make the initial view less confusing.

The biggest takeaway from the map is that the population (and the candidates) are in three distinct clusters, an eastern cluster in Anoka county where Krinkie and Sivarajah’s districts are/were based, a cluster in the west metro where Emmer was based and St. Cloud and the surrounding area where Pederson is based. There are a variety of conclusions you could draw from this, some of them competing, but since I don’t live in the 6th district I will leave that for others.