From Whence Gridlock

Poll after poll says that Americans expect members of Congress to eschew partisanship and to “work together” to “get things done.”  That is no doubt why the current Congress has an abysmal 17% approval rating.  Polls also show that Americans want Obamacare repealed, the federal budget balanced, the ridiculous spending curbed, the IRS and tax system reformed, the Keystone Pipeline built and Social Security and Medicare “saved.” They do NOT want more gun control, illegal alien amnesty or subsidies for “green energy” to avoid “climate change.”


So, here are today’s $64 trillion questions: Why is it that Democrats are allowed to sit back in their lily-white linen suits and throw buckets of mud at Republicans for “gridlock” when it is the Republicans who have been working on the right side of all these issues? They have, in most cases, proposed legislation and passed it through the House, against highly partisan Democrat opposition, only to see the Democrats in the Senate obstruct progress by refusing to even consider it!  Sure, it is possible to have partisan gridlock when different parties control the two houses of Congress, but doesn’t the term, by definition, suggest that one side is trying to do something – in this case the “right” thing – and the other is preventing it?  It takes two sides to make gridlock.  If the Republicans are “right” and trying to solve these problems, and they clearly are, then who is “left” preventing progress?   Why do Republicans get ALL the blame, for trying to solve the problem, and Democrats get off Scott free for CAUSING the problem?