Laughing At Failure

I understand the great satisfaction of schadenfreude where the inevitable bankruptcy of Detroit is concerned. The first inclination, indeed, is to point and laugh and say “I told you so.”  Liberal government simply does not work because, as conservatives endlessly point out, quoting Margaret Thatcher, “sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”  We do this, I think, in the hope that liberals will recognize the failure of their ideology and start doing things that make sense, instead. We ought to feel silly for even thinking such, though, because liberals will NEVER cease to be liberals.  “You cannot reason someone out of a belief they did not reason their way into in the first place.” — Steven Novella.   Liberals will continue to believe, based on absolutely nothing except their own delusions, that leftist ideology fails either because those evil conservatives somehow thwarted it, or simply because they personally were not managing it.

I think conservatives have a real tightrope to walk, here.

We have to have some compassion for the chowderheads who kept voting for this liberal government but who will likely now suffer for their folly. On the other hand, we must not let compassion for those few still left in Detroit cause us to commit the  greater folly of using tax money to “bail them out.” As harsh as it may be, at some point those folks are going to have to take responsibility for themselves, or they will never learn. A lot of them, having lived so long as liberals, aren’t going to learn anyway. Maybe we should share with them a good laugh?